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19:50 Q - 20:15 R (60min x24 time - Day Cycle)

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League rules


  Each driver must be familiar with the rules, follow their instructions and not to seek gaps that could lead to abuse. The administrator has the right to change the rules, but any change will be published well in advance in a prominent place.
    These are only general rules that apply to all series. Due to the often specific series, for each series there are rules yet for the series, which are as binding as the general. If General and Specific rules go to a dispute against each other, Specific rules have more weight for the series.
  1.1 Every driver on track must use their real name in the format Name Surname.

The participants are expected of decent behaviour, both on the web and on the server and on TeamSpeak.

  1.3 Before entering the server it is the duty of everyone to make sure that the game is fine, updated and Internet connection is also in order. Otherwise he should leave the server and do not spoil experience to the others.
  1.4 Team are maximum of two drivers - with identical car brand, model and racing group. Don´t allowed change car during the season.
  2.1 Driving fair to other pilots (do not force out of the track, do not block ...)
  2.2 Respect flag rules (see. Section 7).
  2.3 Do not violate the limits of the track (see. Section 4).
  2.4 Do not cross the line at the pit exit.
  3.1 Registration takes place in Series Menu.
  4.1 Limit of the track are determined by the white (or other colour) line on the edge of the asphalt.
  4.2 The curb is not part of the track.
  4.3 The driver has the obligation to have throughout the race at least two wheels on the track.
  4.4 Driver, whos got a penalty for cutting in last lap, drop in standing after the race by the game. After race, we back the position and give additional penalty seconds for DT or S/G.
  5.1 Qualification will determine the order of drivers at the start.
  5.2 During the qualification it is prohibited to chat.
  5.3 Going into the timed lap and in the timed lap it is not allowed to use the track off limits to gain an advantage (see. Section 4).
  5.4 In qualification it is forbidden to use the ESC (return to the garage). The driver must drive to the pits and change tires and refuel in pit stop. If you use ESC, qualify is over. If you go on track again, you got a prohibition of qualification in the next race.
  5.5 Track limits check the game and if you left of limits game delete the time.
  6 RACE
  6.1 During the race it is strictly prohibited to chat.
  6.2 To be admitted into the race driver must practise 50% of the laps of the race. If a race is announced at the time, the number of laps required for entry of the race is set by the administrator of the series in the appropriate forum of the series.
  6.3 Team orders are prohibited.
  6.4 Upon completion of the race is forbidden to crash into the opponent and accessories to the circuit and the duty of everybody is safely round to the pits.
  6.5 The first three drivers are obliged to send statements from the race within 72 hours after the race. If they do not, the driver will be disqualified from the event. Statement is sent in a private message to the user -tiskovka-
  6.6 Flashing with headlights to opponents is forbidden.
  7.1 Yellow flag - Slow down and be prepared to stop. If the driver fails to do so and gains an advantage (overtakes rival), or causes a conflict, he will be punished.
  7.2 Blue flag - the driver must let the faster driver to overtake him up to maximum three corners from the point of view of the flag.
  8.1 Each driver is allowed X exceptions for a series (X- will be determined by the administrator before the start of the series).
  8.2 Driver can ask for the exception in a designated forum topic no later than before start of qualification.
  8.3 The Administrator reserves the right to grant an exemption in case of emergency.
  9.1 Protests shall be submitted within 72 hours after the race.
  9.2 The administrator investigates the first round, the pit exit and filed protests.
  9.3 The administrator can voluntarily examine the entire race, but it is not his duty.
  10.1 Warnings. (after 3 warning will be given drive thru penalty)
  10.2 Adding the X places at the start of the race.
  10.3 Prohibition of qualification and start from last place.
  10.4 Prohibition of qualification and start from the pits.
  10.5 Drive thru or Stop and Go in three laps. (D/T + 10sec a S/G + 22sec to race time)
  10.6 Disqualification.
  10.7 Prohibition of start in the next race.
  10.8 Disqualification from the series.
  10.9 Exclusion from the league.
  11.1 The driver ahead has the right to choose racing line. This does not apply if
  a The second driver is with part of the car next to the first
  b The leading driver has changed direction once
  11.2 It is forbidden to push out the other participants in the race in any form.
  11.3 Stationary car (either by accident or after an own error) waits to other drivers to pass by and will be able to safely turn / return back on track.

Safety Rating is an advanced version of the original Safety Rating and Drivers Rating, which we tried for the first time in 2016 and after the first seasons we are adjusting it to work better. Its aim is to punish the driver for his behaviour on the track or beyond.


- The maximum number of points is 200.
- Starting points before the season is 120.
- If a driver reaches 0 points, he is prohibited to start at next race and conditional exclusion from the series. After race, he will have added 30 points - If a driver reaches 0 points again he will be disqualified from the series.
- The scoring does not replace sanctions and penalties. It is a support system which is to improve the conditions on the track. - Prohibition to start in the race will not count as the worst result in the series where the worst result of the season is deleted.


200-100 points: A License - Drivers can be granted an exemption to the race (see. Section 8)
99-20 points: B Licence - Drivers will not be granted an exemption to the plant (see. Section 8)
19-1 points: Licence C 
0 points: License D - Prohibition to start in the next race


+ 20 points: Participation in the race (needed to drive for at least 50% of the race, if there is in one day more races, it is counted for the whole weekend)
- 1 - X points: Penalty for adding positions on the starting grid - one position, one point
- 10 points: Penalty - start from the last place
- 30 points: Penalty - a penalty in the form of drive thru
- 40 points: Penalty - a penalty in the form of start from the pit lane and Stop and Go
- 80 points: Penalty - DQ from the race, incl. non-delivery of statement


Members of the RGPL league by their participation in the league confirm that they are familiar with the RGPL rules and will respect them. RGPL management reserves the right to any modification of the rules as well as during the season.


We wish you a lot of fun and success in races of RGPL league


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