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VLN Series 2018 - Registrace

Specific Series Rules - VLN Series 2018


  Each driver must be familiar with the rules, follow their instructions and not seek gaps that could lead to abuse. The administrator has the right to change the rules, but any change will be published well in advance in a prominent place.
  1.1 The format of the race and server settings

18:40 - 19:10 Training
19:10 - 19:25 Qualifying
19:25 - 19:30 Warm Up
19:30 Start of the race

Server/mods password: rgpl
Race Length: 75 minutes
Mandatory Pit Stop: Yes
Formation lap: No
Start of the race: Standing Start
Parc Ferme: 
Safety Car: No
Aids: TC Low, Clutch
Damage: 60%
    Who will join during the warm-up lap will automatically start from the last place. If more people join, they are sorted in the order as to connect the server (server chooses). After connecting to the game, it is recommended to test the quality of Internet connection, such as looking at the other pilots. In the event of a problem with the connection it is good habit to leave the game and do not spoil race to others.
  1.2 Making / team selection

In this season teams don´t exist. If you can, you can reskin own register car with Skin Transfer - you must have same number like original car.

  2 RACE
  2.1 Qualification
    Qualification is used to determine the order on the starting grid of the race. Qualification is not a requirement to participate in the race. After the qualifying driver waits for all drivers to finish their laps and does not disturb others (using chat). Driver who will chat during qualifying will not be let in to the race.
  2.2 Scoring

1. place - 25 points
2. place - 20 points
3. place - 17 points
4. place - 15 points
5. place - 13 points
6. place - 11 points
7. place - 9 points
8. place - 8 points
9. place - 7 points
10. place - 6 point
11. place - 5 points
12. place - 4 points
13. place - 3 points
14. place - 2 points
15. place - 1 point

Finishing the race - 1 point

  2.3 Starting Procedure
    Cars are automatically placed at the starting grid. After the end of the countdown starts formation lap. It is controlled by the safety car piloted by AI. Cars start in two rows by the instructions shown by the game on the screen!
  2.4 Start
    Safety Car will go to the pits and race starts at the direction of the game - Green Light
  2.5 Start from the pits
    The drivers who will start from the pit lane, line up in a row at the end of the pit lane in front of the traffic lights and will wait until the last car passes the start and then they can leave the pitlane and participate in the race.
  3.1 Minimum Training

Each driver has a duty to practise the number of laps specified by Admin at least one week before the race.

If they do not, admins can punish harder!


We wish you a lot of fun and success in the series VLN Series 2018


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