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25/08/2019 - RGPL SUMMER CUP 2019

19:30 Q - 20:00 R - 70min

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Hockenheimring - Alexey Kutsak ( 2 )

So, we've already come to the last race, which promises to decide the title, let's start!

As the margin in the championship standings wasn't large I still had to compete just in the same way as it was 4 months before. The qualify went brilliant, finally I clocked a good lap, but there were literally hundreds of a second to decide the position between Michal and me. Not bad this far.

But the start was awful as usual while I lost position on the track, Michal went up to the second place. What is worse I've collided with Vladko and since that it was time to pick up the pace and do a huge amount of job. The finish on the fourth place gave rights to stay competitive in the second race.

The second race start just as the first one but I was lucky enough not to lose any positions, so the main thing I had to do is to overtake Michal. During almost the whole race our pace was compareable but the distance between us couldn't allow to attack and only two and a half seconds divided our fight for the race and title win. A bit disappointing to realize the loose of a championship by only one point but I really appreciate these fights during all over the season.

At the end of a day we should say thanks to everyone who participated in it and obviously to organizators who let us make good racing here!

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